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August 11, 2016: Using Purchased Loans to Meet Fair Lending and CRA Goals (reprinted from Compliance Action)



June 13, 2016: Hudson City Savings Bank: Redlining, Mortgage Applications, and Purchased Loans (reprinted from Compliance Action)



December 31, 2015: House Financial Services Committee Report on the CFPB and Indirect Auto Lending (reprinted from Compliance Action)

More on the House Report:

Unsafe at Any Bureaucracy: CFPB Junk Science and Indirect Auto Lending

        Link to the Staff Reports website of the House Financial Services Committee 

  (contains all of the supporting material) 



November 30, 2015: Our First Take on the Hudson City Savings Bank Fair Lending Case (reprinted from Compliance Action)

More on the Hudson City case:


        Consent Order

        Maps referenced in the Complaint